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As our loved ones grow older, their circumstances change and decisions need to be made to accommodate those changes. There is so much information out there, that it becomes overwhelming and confusing. There are great resources and services out there that most people don't even know about.


For example, there are pharmacies who deliver medications to your home in case you can't make it to the pharmacy during operating hours. There are physicians who make house calls if it is too stressful or inconvenient to go to a physician's office, offering everything from a simple check up to x-rays in the convenience of your home. There are even people who will come to your home to help with day-to-day chores.


Homestead HOPE Foundation is your one-stop shop for all senior living information. We have compiled resources in one easy-to-use website to make the search easier for you. Your family's happiness depends on making the right decisions and we want to direct you to all the resources necessary to make those decisions. We have included links on this website to some organizations that help you find the resources in your area, as well as to websites that contain great information.


Let Homestead HOPE Foundation be your guide through the ever-changing senior living landscape.


While working with patients and their families in our hospice program, it became evident that they had greater needs than hospice alone could provide. There were programs and services in existence that could have helped early on but there was no awareness of these programs.


Our mission is to educate seniors and their families about all aspects of senior living. The Foundation provides a direct route to answers that empower seniors and their families to live the rest of their lives in comfort, and with the dignity they deserve.


The logo of Homestead HOPE Foundation is the butterfly. The butterfly is a powerful symbol of transformation. It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and courage to emerge from its restraining cocoon. Once free, it enjoys a new, more fulfilling life of beauty.


The life of a butterfly is as magical as the life cycle of a human being. Our seniors have spent their lives contributing to society. It is society's duty, now, to ensure they live the rest of their lives free from all restraints. Homestead HOPE Foundation offers help for seniors to experience the last phase of their life like the butterfly.


With the support of our sponsors, the Foundation provides a place for seniors and their families to go for one-stop, easy access to information, resources and experts. By their donations, our sponsors empower the lives of seniors with knowledge.


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